The following pictures are that of graves I have visited of people who have influenced me the most at one point or another. This was a list I had begun many, many eons ago when I was a young lad filled with wonder and hope for life. At the time, all of my friend's role models were current rock stars, sports figures, or actors, and I quickly realized that everyone I wanted to idolize and worship had died long before I was even a sparkle in my father's eye. This list continues to grow with each passing moon as I am awakened to new ideas and perspectives into the minds of my fellow mankind. If you have someone to add to my list that you think will enlighten or corrupt me, then feel free to drop me an e-mail. Also check out to find the location of your favorite famous or infamous idol's corpse, they might be closer then you think.  I have a couple of short road trips planned to see some of my fallen brethren, so hopefully if the winds are right and the money is there I will be able to add some more bodies to this page.



What their significance was in this world

David, Louis
Paris, France French Neo-Classical Painter (he was why I started painting)
Ernst, Max Paris, France Surrealist Artist (need I say more?)
Ingres, Jean-Auguste Paris, France Neo-Classical painter (did wicked nudes!)
Grappelli, Stephane Paris, France Jazz Violinist, played with Django Reinhadt
Chopin, Frederic Paris, France Master Composer (and fellow Polish kin)
Morrison, Jim Paris, France Alcoholic poet and sometime rock singer
Delacroix, Eugene Paris, France Neo-Classical Painter (rival of Ingres)
 Wilde, Oscar  Paris, France  Playwright, Poet, and one of the earilest known Rockstars
Bonney, William H. Ft.Sumner, NM The one, the only, Billy the Kid.
Parker, Bonnie Dallas, Texas Outlaw, poet, lover, and one sassy lady
Barrow, Clyde Dallas, Texas An Outlaw who was into chicks, cars, and guns
Ledbetter, Huddie Mooringsport, La The King of the 12 String blues guitar
Vaughan, Stevie Ray Dallas, Texas Blues guitar master
Death site of Bonnie&Clyde near Sailes, La The place where they got murdered
Buddy Holly Lubbock, TX One of the most influential founders of Rock-n-Roll